Thursday, 12 April 2012

Top 10 Hottest Male Celebs 21 and Under

So, for my first post, I've decided to share my view of the hottest Hollywood male celebs 21 or under. Now, I know a few of these are actually Disney stars but, come on, those people at Disney sure know how to pick their actors and actresses!

10: Aaron Johnson: When I first saw him in that ridiculously terrible movie "Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging" I admired how he was able to transform on screen to such a goodie-2-shoes type. However, when I researched him off screen, he seemed quite the opposite! Abnormally good bone structure + some kick-ass abs? Lucky him.

9: Nick Jonas: Now, I never understood the obsession with the Jonas brothers. I mean their music was terrible, they dressed like 7 year olds that had been hit by radiation, and two of the three brothers were just, well, ugly. Nick Jonas, however, well there is something about his cheeky smile and buff body that is really quite enticing. Plus he has a decent voice, which is clearly becoming a dying aspect of modern day male singers. Oh and, how much do you love his smile and his biceps!? #jealousy

8: Lucas Till: So, one day I was super bored and decided to watch the Hannah Montana movie. A word to the wise, drill your eyes out before you watch it, because it kind of sucks... Then, however, I watched X-Men First Class, which in my opinion was the best movie of 2011. Amongst the hotness of Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender, there is Lucas Till. He's blond, he's buff, and he has some mesmerising eyes. I just wish he would do something with that friggen hair!

7: Shane Harper: Singer, actor, and hottie; this Disney star seemingly has it all. I have to ask, who did Disney hire that's picking all of these new male stars with abs sculpted by the Greek Gods themselves!? Regardless, I haven't much to say about Shane because I'm busy hating him for how good looking he is!

6: Austin Butler: Vanessa Hudgens used to date Zac Efron. Now, I know he is slightly overrated but come on, he is still Zac Efron! Those are some big shoes to fill, but Austin Butler seems to be doing a damn good job of it. I dunno if its the beach-boy hair, the washboard abs, or the killer calf muscles, but he has got Vanessa Hudgens hooked. Who knew, the girl has taste in something...

5: Alexander Ludwig: Well hello to this Hunger Games hottie... I don't know much about Alexander Ludwig, so I'll keep it short and simple. From the moment I saw his blond hair, sculpted face, and chiseled body, I was sold! P.S. if you like him now, wait till you see him with his shirt off!

4: Justin Bieber: So, say what you want about him, but let me tell you this guy has sex appeal! His music may be shit, but in my honest opinion I would kill to be him! I mean, I know the world either hates him or loves him but, regardless of your opinion of him you have to agree with me that he really is sexy. I mean come on, he is Justin Bieber, what more is there to say?

3: Tyler Posey: I think one of the main reasons MTV's "Teen Wolf" was so successful in its first season was because, well, I don't think there is a single episode where Tyler Posey isn't shirtless! But I mean, with biceps and pecs like his, I don't think anyone can complain about the exposure. Plus, he has a face that can be so innocent, but contain all the worlds guilty pleasures at the same time. If you don't know who he is, then I suggest you Google him, and be prepared to drool. 

2: Taylor Lautner: So, I must admit, I never really understood the whole obsession with Taylor Lautner, until a few weeks ago when I saw a picture of him from "Abducted". From then on, I appreciated every ripped part of his body, although I still don't understand where the jeans go when he turns into a werewolf in that terrible, terrible movie "Twilight". Regardless, I have to say he is growing up to be quite the heartthrob, and I mean with abs like that I get why! 

1: Alex Pettyfer: So, confession time... Alex turned 22 yesterday, however I think you should all know that I actually made my top 10 a few days ago, when he was still 21, and was initially planning on posting it on his birthday. But hey, I think you can forgive me right? I mean, just look at him... If there was ever someone made perfect, it was him! The stunning facial features, the enticing eyes, the killer body, and don't even get me started on the hair! Plus, did I mention he is kind of a wicked bad boy? Combine that with the British accent and you have yourself Hollywood's hottest male 21 and under (well not really, 22 and under now... But you get the picture!). Oh, and did I mention he is starring in an upcoming movie as a male stripper?

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